Welcome to Hell: Warner Bros. Set to Produce Adaption of Dante’s Inferno

Book adaptions seem to be a thing of a past as script writers take to poetry in search of new material.

Dante’s Inferno is the first of a three part epic poem called the Divine Comedy, an allegorical representation of the soul’s journey to God, with Inferno serving as the first step of recognizing and rejecting sin where readers, and now movie watchers will accompany Dante on his trek through the nine circles of Hell.

The story begins on Easter weekend in the year 1300 with a grieving Dante lost in the woods where he comes across Virgil, a poet who has been sent to him by Beatrice, his late wife. The pair then embark on a journey in order to “save the woman he loves”, though this detail contrasts the intent of the original piece. In the written poem, Beatrice saves Dante and serves as his guide through Paradise, but the tables will be turned for the upcoming film adaption.

Divine Comedy was not thought to be a love story originally, but rather a take on our own human experiences and moral tribulations, aiding its tale through the work of different theological stances. This new twist gives it the potential to be bigger than its previous film adaptions, and the prospect of becoming the next big trilogy.

The script for Inferno will be written by Dwain Worrell, best known for the low budget film Walking the Dead (2010) and the 2015 movie Operator starring Mischa Barton and Luke Goss as a husband and wife duo who must follow the demands of their daughter’s kidnapper in order to save their child.

Who would you like to see cast in Inferno? Leave us your thoughts in the comments below.

Anum Ahmed, News Reporter

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