Straight Outta Compton Sequel: Welcome to Death Row

With the success of the newly released hip hop biopic Straight Outta Compton, bringing in $141 million since its mid-August release date, the prospects of a new genre of movies has sparked work on the film’s sequel, featuring familiar faces from the Compton cast.

APA is putting together a script based on the book and documentary Welcome to Death Row by S. Leigh Savidge, the co-executive producer for Compton.

While Straight Outta Compton told us the tale of notable rap trio NWA’s formation and eventual demise, this movie would focus on the story behind the rise of Death Row Records and the resulting era of emerging solo artists and their entrance into the hip hop scene.

There is still speculation surrounding the project as the agency has yet to receive music rights for the film, an issue also when making Compton before securing approval from Eazy-E’s widow and rights holder Tomica Woods-Wright. For this film, they may look to Tupac Shakur’s mother for permission, but with a biopic currently being made about him, the rights may be difficult to secure.

Straight Outta Compton has come in at number one at the box office for three consecutive weeks and can be seen in theatres now.

Anum Ahmed, News Reporter

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  1. If they can’t get rights from Suge or Tupac’s estate, maybe the sequel will be about Dre’s label, Aftermath? Regardless, I love that we’re getting movies about 90s hip hop!

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