NFL Film Concussion: Read the Controversial Roger Goodell Scene That Sony Cut

Last week a trailer for the upcoming fact-based drama Concussion starring Will Smith was released and made headlines as a direct attack on the NFL. Concussion follows the NFL’s attempts to cover-up a chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) epidemic among its past players, although a major scene was cut from the story by Sony for being too incendiary.

Revelations came amid a recent New York Times article that cited hacked internal studio emails that suggested Sony softened the blow to the NFL in the film.

Writer-director Peter Landesman said in reaction, “These emails were taken out of context in a year-plus creative process that’s a constant negotiation,” before conceding that the Goodell scene “took place in a room that I wasn’t in, about a conversation that took place between people that I didn’t talk to. Landesman says the scene was cut from the shooting script because he “didn’t want to be defamatory.”

However, a source told THR, “All films require a constant discussion between the creative and legal teams, and especially ones that are based on true stories…Anyone who sees the movie will know that it never once compromises the integrity and power of the real story. In the end, they just wanted to make sure they got it right.”

THR obtained the script for the scene in question, dated 30 May 2014 and titled Untitled Concussion. Read the scene here.

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