What Critics Are Saying About Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars The Force Awakens

With the review embargo now lifted on the J.J. Abrams directed instalment of the Star Wars franchise, critics have been quick to release their verdict on The Force Awakens. Reviews have so far been overwhelmingly positive, with a Rotten Tomatoes score of 97% currently.

Vanity Fair
“This could easily have been a mess, but in nearly every way that the film could have gone wrong, it doesn’t. ‘The Force Awakens’ finds just the right path through reverence and respect to find invention, ushering a new generation into its galaxy of iconic visuals and reliable heroes by raising the epic stakes, while keeping the narrative, for the most part, focused and propulsive.”

The San Francisco Chronicle
“[Harrison] Ford is everything in this film that a “Star Wars” fan could want him to be. Even if the film were only so-so, “The Force Awakens” would be worth seeing for Ford alone.”

The Washington Post
“Filled with incident, movement and speed, dusted with light layers of tarnished ‘used future’ grime, it captures the kinetic energy that made the first film, from 1977, such a revelation to filmgoers who marveled at Lucas’s mashup of B movies, Saturday-morning serials, Japanese historical epics and mythic heft.”

The Wall Street Journal
“Disney, the new proprietor, and J.J. Abrams, the director, haven’t diluted the appeal of this space opera for the ages. Far from it, ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ flatters old and new audiences alike, and straddles generations with aplomb.”

The Guardian
“It basically powers along on a great surging riptide of idealism and optimism, that family-movie ethic which some have derided for killing off the dystopian tradition of sci-fi. In fact, Star Wars has now gone beyond the sci-fi genre to its own kind of intergalactic quasi-Arthurian romance: that and a return to the world of Saturday morning pictures. The Force Awakens is ridiculous and melodramatic and sentimental of course, but exciting and brimming with energy and its own kind of generosity. What a Christmas present.”

“It’s all beautifully crafted, just a little too deferential to what has gone before. But then the new characters take shape and new elements emerge. By the end, this finds fresh ingredients to add to the Star Wars formula, strengthening and deepening it. The prequels this ain’t.”

The Times
“This seventh movie is a humongous piece of cinema — all that a sequel should be and more: a nostalgic homage to the 1977 original, coupled with intergalactic, warp-speed, panoramic blockbuster action, and a new heroine in the form of Daisy Ridley’s Rey.”

The Independent
Star Wars: The Force Awakens is actually probably objectively the best Star Wars yet, and would be held up as untouchable had it come first. So let’s not let ourselves get too bloody internet-y about it and start it tearing to pieces, and enjoy what is a fun, well-executed and thoroughly corrective sequel.”

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