7 Films That Will Scar You for Life (Maybe)

Don’t be mistaken – I’m not simply talking about films that are so gruesome and/or blood-curdling that you have indelible horrifying images in your mind for the rest of your life. Here, I list out 7 of the movies that either leave you so empty that you start to suspect whether you’re a zombie from birth, or fill you up with so many philosophical thoughts that you want to change your career to, well, a philosopher. These may scar you for life.

Her (2013)

Photo Credits: www.mindswork.co.uk

Directed by: Spike Jonze

Produced by: Megan Ellison, Spike Jonze, Vincent Landay

Screenplay by: Spike Jonze

Although it might seem like an extremely long advertisement for Apple, Her is undoubtedly impressive (even for the non-hipster.) It is a movie of perfect concoctions: vintage and modernity in its style and light-hearted and oppressive in its emotion portrayal.

Detachment (2011)

Photo Credits: www.profratigan.wordpress.com

Directed by: Tony Kaye

Produced by: Greg Shapiro, Carl Lund, Bingo Gubelmann, Austin Stark, Benji Kohn, Chris Papavasiliou

Written by: Carl Lund

Fundamentally rooted in a sea of melancholy, Detachment is the movie for you if you’re painfully confused by the intricate maze of life and love and wonder if anybody else feels the same way as you do, or merely because you are a big fan of Adrien Brody’s perpetual pensive face.

The Hunt (2012)


Directed by: Thomas Vinterberg

Produced by: Morten Kaufmann, Sisse Graum Jørgensen, Thomas Vinterberg

Written by: Tobias Lindholm, Thomas Vinterberg

For those who have been contemplating over the true nature of humanity, director Thomas Vinterberg reveals the answer that you wished you hadn’t known, and wish you wouldn’t have to face the truth for the rest of your life.

Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Photo Credits: www.filmfisher.com

Directed by: Darren Aronofsky

Produced by: Eric Watson, Palmer West

Screenplay by: Darren Aronofsky, Hubert Selby, Jr.

We have lost our way in some point of our life; some are lucky, some are not. Jared Leto proves to us 10 years earlier that he won the 2014 Best Supporting Award because he deserves to.

REC (2007)


Directed by: Jaume Balagueró, Paco Plaza

Produced by: Julio Fernández

Written by: Jaume Balagueró, Luis A. Berdejo, Paco Plaza

Alright. I didn’t promise that there won’t be any horror flicks in this list. REC is here for the right reason: pulling you deep into the movie with its ‘found footage’ filming style. That’s all, but its filming technique is certainly the best among all the others of the century.

The Exorcist (1972)

Photo Credits: www.filmint.nu

Directed by: William Friedkin

Produced by: William Peter Blatty

Screenplay by: William Peter Blatty

It is a classic, full stop. Excuse me while I try to erase the image of possessed Linda Blair from my head.

Fight Club (1999)


Directed by: David Fincher

Produced by: Art Linson, Ceán Chaffin, Ross Grayson Bell

Screenplay by: Jim Uhls

You think it’s impossible to turn your life around. You think you’d be a commuter till the end of time, doing a job you lack passion in, getting married to a man/woman you have little feelings for, or simply put, wasting your life away. But, classic cult movie by cinema giant David Fincher shows you that sometimes, you have the power to change it.

Justine Wong / fullybeardedbilinguallady.wordpress.com

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  1. Great list. I would have to add Pulp Fiction. Gangstyle murder would forever be imprinted on our brains. Nothing says retribution like a dead man with a penis in his mouth.

  2. Fantastic list! I’m glad you included The Hunt, it is truly haunting

  3. Enter The Void surely should be a part of this list!! I still can’t get that mindfuck of a movie out of my head!!

  4. Snowtown?

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