present active serō

(figuratively) I found, establish, cause, produce.

Seroword: Center for Arts and Culture

Founded in September 2014, Seroword is an arts and culture magazine specializing in film commentary and analysis.

If you have an active interest in arts journalism, join our community.

Film Writing


  • News writing
  • Historical writing of: Films, Directors, Actors, Genres, Themes


Analyzing aspects of certain films, including:

  • Themes
  • Narrative
  • Character Arcs/Attributes
  • Performances
  • Directing/Cinematography


Assessing the quality of the delivery of a film’s ambitions as well as its message.

Seroword Values

  • Seroword exists to promote the criticism of filmmaking as an artistic expression, not simply viewing films as commercial products.
  • Our features writing analyzes specific elements of filmmaking and films. Reviewing films incorporates both analysis and evaluation, and analysis is integral to judging the quality of films. You must properly analyze what a film is trying to achieve (narrative/message) in order to evaluate how well it is achieved.
  • Filmmaking is the most important vehicle for cultural commentating due to its universality.